To provide efficient and cost competitive services we have in place a team of dedicated professionals who are well versed in handling all type of marine vessels/crafts.

Some specific services that we can provide are as under :-

1- Prompt Berthing completing formalities of customs, immigration, port health etc.

2- Assistance to master.

3- Repatriation of crews, their pick/drop, custom & immigration clearance etc.

4- Supply of manpower.

5- Delivery of fresh water at approach channel, anchorage area  by barge and through water outlets at wharves.

6- Supply of provision / stores.

7- Arranging repairs trough reputed marine workshops.

8- Custom clearance of spare parts/accessories dispatched from abroad and their delivery on board.

9- Supply bunkers a lubricant.

10- To arrange adequate medical facilities for officers & crew members.

11- complete sailing formalities in time and sail vessel immediately on completion.

The management enjoys a good reputation and harmonious working relations with port authorities, shipping department and other government agencies concerned and thus well placed to assist in solving administrative and marine related problems of the ships calling Pakistani ports. Click here for Disbursement Pro-Form